Czech Tactical Pursuits

Welcome to Czech Tactical Pursuits shooting range.
We are pleased to offer formal and informal shooting on our range facility, catering for individual, group and corporate clients.
Our friendly and professional instructors ensure that you will have a safe, informative and very enjoyable experience.

General Information

Location Of The Range

The range is located at Sumvald (Horka hill), near Unicov and features a 50m range with drive on bus / de-bus and a covered firing point.
Shooting can be done fom 0-50m, with semi automatic rifles and pistols.

Logistics and Equipment

Ryan air (cheap) fly from Stanstead to Brno.
Car Transport from Brno airport to Olomouc, time about 1 hour.
Car Transport from Olomouc to shooting range (daily), time about 30 minutes.

Transport to the range

By arrangement. Either car / van rental (eg Europcar) or we can supply transport.

Ammunition – supplied at cost

E.g. 9mm +/- 25 gbp per 100 rounds.


All liabilities to be assumed by the client in the event of an accident or any other issue.
Medical / travel insurance, to be paid for by the client.

Costs of hire facilities and instructors

Range and weapons hire from 150 pounds per day per person or weekend pakages from 475 pounds.
Weapons include : Pistols – cz75, sig sauer p226, sig sauer p229, sig sauer 357 sport, 38 spl revolver. Rifles: vz 585 x2, AR 15 (223), DTA SRS 338 Lapua Mag.


Basic Information

Czechs have a long tradition of gun ownership and gun-related sport disciplines.
Česká zbrojovka, otherwise known as CZUB, is oldest Czech gun producer, currently celebrating more than 75 years of existence.
It is therefore of no surprise that currently there are more than 700,000 legally-registered guns in the Czech Republic, with more than 300,000 registered gun-license owners.
The Czech legal system allows for the legal ownership of guns by its citizens and by foreigners who have legal permanent residence in the Czech Republic including concealed carry on the premise of personal protection.

The Czech legal system allows for the legal ownership of guns by its citizens and by foreigners who have legal permanent residence in the Czech Republic including concealed carry on the premise of personal protection.

Do you need a gun license to go shooting? Absolutely not, but it has to be on a shooting range.
All one needs is a valid ID card/passport and to be under the supervision of an instructor or someone who owns a gun license while shooting. This opens the door for recreational sports shooting.

Legislation By Law

Section 59
Entrusting a Firearm to Another Person
(1) A holder of a firearms permit or a firearms license shall be allowed to entrust a Category B
or C firearm or ammunition therefore to another natural person who is not a holder of a firearms permit
of the appropriate type only in the following cases:
a) in the line of business the subject matter of which is the teaching of marksmanship skills
and/or marksmanship or shooting training,
b) sports training or sports and athletic competitions which involve shooting,
c) training and practice for hunting purposes,
d) training for an occupation which involves possessing or carrying a firearm,
e) film-making or theatrical activities, providing the firearm in question has been modified
to use blanks or practice cartridges, or
f) paramilitary training or training for an occupation which comprises manufacture, repairs
and testing of firearms and ammunition.
(2) If a holder of a firearms permit or a firearms license entrusts a firearm or ammunition to a
natural person as provided for in Paragraph 1 above, he or she shall be obliged to:
a) instruct the natural person in question how to handle the firearm and ammunition in a safemanner,
b) exercise and observe due caution, and
c) ensure the presence of a responsible person (instructor), who is a holder of a firearms
permit of the appropriate type and will ensure safe handling of the firearm and ammunition in question. (3) A firearm or ammunition may be entrusted to a natural person as provided for in Paragraph 1
- 43 -
above only for an absolutely necessary period of time and only for the purpose of
a) performing shooting at a shooting range, unless the in question is that referred to in
Paragraph 1, Subparagraph e), above, or
b) handling a firearm or ammunition in any other way in a dedicated area to be determined
by the responsible supervising person referred to in Paragraph 2, Subparagraph c), above.
(4) Insofar as sports training or sports and athletic events and competitions which involve
shooting, a person under eighteen and not younger than ten years of age shall use a sporting firearm
only under the supervision of a person who is over twenty-one years of age, has held a Category B
firearms permit for a period exceeding three years, and will ensure safe handling of the firearm and ammunition in question.

Full text vision available at:


Accommodation close to the mountains

Situated in the heart of Moravia accommodation is in the village of Velke Losiny close to the mountains.

Example of Accommodation

Typical „good pub“ accommodation is on suite and usually includes LCD television, DVD-player, air-conditioning, safe, Wi-Fi Internet connection. Cost +/- 20 GBP per person per night including breakfast.

Contact CTP Team

Feel free to email us with questions, business inquiry, to provide some feedback, or to just say hello!


Phone: +44(0) 7804 736 152



Craig Retired in February 2015 from the UK Police service after 25 years, having served 21 years as an Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) with nationally trained specialisms as a Firearms Instructor, Rifle Officer, Close Protection Officer, Police Diver and Firearms Incident Tactics Advisor. Responsible from 2009 - 2015 for delivering bespoke training packages to Police Firearms Officers. With an emphasis on skill development to meet emerging strategic threats on a National & Regional level.

Additional responsibilities included the delivery of Tactical Advice to command officers during Firearms Incidents as well as deploying operationally in all trained specialist roles.

He is currently working as the UK Training Director for Czech Tactical Pursuits, a CZ Republic based Firearms Training Provider to the Security Industry. The company provides bespoke training packages and a firearms re-qualification service suitable for operators within the, Overt Armed Security, Marine Security and Covert Close Protection sectors.


Czech Tactical Pursuits

February 2015 – Present: - Based in the UK & Czech Republic

Responsible for the development/delivery of bespoke Firearms Training Packages for clients of Czech Tactical Pursuits.

Police Firearms Instructor

January 2009 – February 2015 (6 years 2 months)

Firearms Instructor:- Responsible for the planning and delivery of practical & theory based training to Police AFO's, Rifle Officers, & other staff members

Tactical Advisor:- Provide Specialist Tactical Advice to Command officers

AFO, Escort Driver, Tactical Rifle Officer, Close Protection Officer, Range Conducting Officer.

Police Patrol Officer

1990 – 2009 (19 years)

Crime Investigation, Public Order Response, AFO, Tactical Rifle Officer, Police Diver, CT Search Officer, Boat Handler, HGV Driver, Advanced Driver

Phone: +420 777 794 181

Customer Reviews

Here`s what our customers have to say about us:

During our visit in June 2016 we found out that one of David’s interests is long range precision rifle shooting with 308 and 338 calibres. Having made a few enquiries in the UK previously we found it was almost impossible to just go to a range and shoot. Once again David came up trumps and arranged a weekends practical and tactical course for us with his rifles in the Czech Republic, shooting out to 800 metres and a half day on Monday on a nearby pistol range. We flew out to Brno on Friday, David collected us from the airport and took us to a very nice new hotel near the range where we met his Czech colleague who was going to help out with the rifle shooting and run the pistol training on the Monday morning, having already been to David’s own range in June he thought it would be a good idea to put us with another instructor to get a different slant on pistol shooting, which proved to be very interesting. As we expected everything was well organised and David once more proved to be an excellent instructor, we started with the correct prone shooting position then on to mapping the rifles, ballistic calculations, using ballistic software, windage and elevation adjustments, reading the wind, types of rifle scopes, loads, bullet types and rifle performance for different disciplines. David broke up the intensity of the training by throwing in various tactical challenges as well, believe me trying to hit a target at 200 metres from a sitting position with a 338 Lap Mag balanced on your knees is not easy, but we managed it with a few tips from David. We had a fantastic time and shot 100 rounds each in two days, plus another 100 each on the pistol range, as I have said before David is an extremely capable and knowledgeable instructor, if you want to know about practical and tactical rifle and pistol he is the man to see. As I have said before David in a really nice chap, he is extremely knowledgeable and time with him can only improve your shooting skills, a nice touch was that like on our last visit we all had dinner together in the evening so we could analyse the days shooting and engage in a bit of gentlemanly banter. Wherever we went the Czech people were very friendly and welcoming. This is the second time we have been over this year and will be going back again next year. David and his team will be at the Great British Shooting Show in February 2017, go and have a look at the videos.
Mark and Steve UK, September 2016
We have just returned from the Czech Republic where we had three days exclusive practical and tactical instruction with David on his range using a large variety of different types and calibre’s of section five and other firearms. What a fantastic experience, David is an excellent, extremely knowledgeable and competent instructor, nothing was too much trouble for him, he took the time to explain what we were doing and why and how it all fits together in differing scenarios, this was not a point and shoot experience, we actually got to move about the range simulating real time scenarios whilst firing at targets. Whatever type of shooting you are into this is an experience that is not to be missed, the buzz is incredible. The bed and breakfast accommodation was excellent, more like a small hotel, the food was first rate and the Czech people are very friendly. We enjoyed it that much that we are going back again in September.
Mark and Steve July 2016, UK
Just returned from yet another fantastic 40th Birthday weekend with the guys at Czech tactical pursuits. Our second trip over to shoot with Dave at his private range. Some changes this year with the welcomed addition of his new partner Craig and the multitude of new firearms to use. Our first trip two years ago was fantastic and a real introduction to semi auto full bore pistol and short rifle shooting. Although a little rusty the weekend provided us the opportunity to build on the skills we had learned previously and beyond. The knowledge and operational experience of both David and Craig adds substance to the various firing details and simulation drills. The countless years of Firearms training they both share allows for a rapid progression of even the novice of shooters. The variety of firearms on hand is impressive particular favorites being the UZI 9mm, MP5 and Glock 17 pistol. Over the course of the weekend we soon learned the simple tasks such as rapid reloads through to more challenging drills such as transition from short rifle to pistol plus room entry and clearance. Take a look at their webpage Well worth a weekend over there, two great guys, brilliant fun and sport at an even better price. ATB
Hello All
I would like to take the opportunity to share with you all a recent shooting trip both a buddy and I made to the Czech Republic with the guys at CzechTactical Pursuits (CTP), a recently new business creation for the UK based shooters. The Trip was organised for my friends 40th Birthday. We are keen shotgun and full-bore rifle shooters, but fancied something a little different which included disciplines we are no longer permitted to participate in within the UK.
I was given the contact details of a Guy called Dave Shone (who is also a UKV member). Dave is a UK national who has been resident in the Czech Republic for some 15 years. Dave owns and fronts CTP and is responsible for organising all the various details for the range days required. He also provides, with other military and police qualified firearms instructors the one on one training. Dave has his own private firing range in Sumvald and access to others, an impressive array of various firearms which can be hired and tailored to meet the shooters requirements.
We chose to shoot over a weekend primarily 9mm Sig Sauer semi auto pistols , .223 Semi AR15 and 7.62 x 39 VZ58 in various situations , close quarter , man on man , shooting as a pair, room entry etc. Dave spent a good deal of time pre the visit to ensure all courses of fire we wanted where covered and full itineraries of each day’s events where provided. Dave and his team also organise the Ammunition which is purchased on a sale or return basis, basically you only pay for what you shoot. Price wise - Ammunition is significantly cheaper than the UK.
Getting to the range from the UK was easy, a simple Ryan air flight into Brno, Dave can organise to pick you up or simply hire a car. There’s also a choice of accommodation to choose from dependent on taste and budget.
In summary if you fancy trying you hand at undertaking tactical style shooting which we are simply not allowed to do as civilians in the UK anymore Dave at CTP is your man. He is extremely hospitable, organised and keen to ensure expectation is met. I don’t honestly know of anywhere else where you could get chance to undertake this style of shooting and have as much fun for the money. We will without a doubt be returning in 2015



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